Jeff Guenther, Annmarie Guenther, Bill Meligari, Joe Van Winkle

Retrofitz has rocked the New Jersey club circuit since the late 90's. Evolved from Live Tech Music, it's all live, no jive!
Classic Rock and Blues, Classic Jam Tunes!

Jeff Guenther -
 Vocals, lead/slide guitar, bass

Annmarie Guenther -
Vocals, percussion

Pete Bremy -
Vocals, bass, keyboards

Joe VanWinkle
Vocals, bass

Roger LePage
Vocals, bass, keyboards, guitar, harp

Jack O'Donnell
Guitar, Vocals

Bill Meligari
Drums, Percussion

Glenn Hubner
Drums, Percussion

***Frank in Heaven...

  Pete Bremy, Annmarie Guenther, Jeff Guenther

Roger LePage