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October 14, 2019...God Bless America, Land of The Free!

Started 8th Year With The Kootz...

10/15/19, Happy 30th Anniversary Annmarie!!!


Look for New Tunes and Book!!!



 I've been listening to your cd quite a bit while I'm driving around at's excellent, nice re-works of the old stuff and I'm now a fan of your new tunes! Shy No More and Big Blues (Annmarie's got a killer voice!) are my current favs! Also, nice production, it sounds great too.


For your listening and dancing pleasure! "Adopted Son," my first release, is now available.

***Please note Adopted Son CD is out of stock. Will notify when back in stock***

Featuring songs by Jeff Guenther, Ernie White/Mike McCoy, Phil McAuliffe/Jeff and Neil Young,
this cd is an eclectic collection of Jeff's musical influences.
Rock, Blues, British Invasion and Southern Styles, with a hint of Jazz.

Purchase at a show, $10. Online orders are $15.00. Please add $1.50 S/H when ordering
from the store page.
Allow 2 weeks for delivery
***Look for "Voices From The Past" soon!***

***Retrofitz Trio Opens Fillmore Tribute Concert Series***

***News Break***

Guitar and Electric Bass lessons are now available via SKYPE

Much graitude to Mike & Elaine Russo, Frank Clayton, Rusty DiPasquale, the Ivy Tavern staff, customers, all our friends, as we closed out The Teddy Z Memorial Jam.

The All Styles Open Mic had it's final jam on November 11th, 2014! Thanks for the memories!
Please keep the memory of Glenn Hubner in your hearts!

The bands I perform with now includes The Kootz, Biggie G & Jimbeau (Retrocasters/Retrofitz Duo). Jeff Guenther's Retrofitz, Ross Pilot & Formation, Guenther-Toft Band and Trenton Makes Band!
Looking forward to shows with these bands!!!

The show with my good friend, Scott Hallock (Tapping The Grey Sky),
At The Crossroads, was a lot of fun. Thanks to Chris, Bob & Joe
(The rest of the band), Lee, Ronnie and Jim, the sound man!

Pictured clockwise from top left:
Scott Hallock (Guitar, Mandolin, Lead Vocals) Chris Bayles (Drums, Vocals),
Joe DeVico (Keys, Percussion, Vocals), Jeff Guenther (Bass, Vocals),
Bob Belloff (Guitars, Percussion, Vocals)

Prayers, thoughts and condolences to the Hubner Family; our dear friend and
Retrofitz/Open Mic drummer Glenn Hubner has passed away. Glenn will be missed.

Look for Jeff Guenther's Retrofitz and Jeff Guenther on Facebook and ReverbNation!

Hat City Kitchen

Thank you all for four years of wonderful memories!

Salt Gastro Pub
Annmarie and I want to thank Briz
and the staff at Salt for a wonderful debut
for our brunch show on May 27th 2012!
Look for our return!

Scerbo's Italian Restaurant
Jeff and Annmarie enjoyed appearing at Scerbo's!
We wish Carlo and Aldo the best of success;
Look for us to perform at other venues in the area!

Jeff Guenther Traveling Open Mic!
Looking for homes and venues.
Contact me for info.
I'll post dates as they come in.

Vernon Inn
We had a blast in 2012!
Clams 'n Jams was a ball!

***Past Debut Gigs!***

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015,
Frank Clayton,
George "Rusty" DiPasguale and I Debut the monthly
Teddy Z Memorial Jam at The Ivy Tavern!
Jam runs 7-11, looking forward to seeing my Trenton Area Friends!

Thursday, April 12th, 2012
Retrofitz performed at:
The Publick House, Chester, NJ!

Saturday, May 12th, 2012
Retrofitz performed at:
Amazing Grapes, Pompton Lakes, NJ!

Thanks to everyone who supported Bremy-Guenther-Dente!

Monday, February 23rd, 2015, Jeff & Annmarie
were part of the West Orange Rotary Club's
"Taste Of The World." It was a wonderful event.
Retrofitz hopes to be a part of it again in the coming years!

Friday, October 14th, 2011,
Retrofitz returned to
Hat City Kitchen
Jeff, Annmarie, Joey & Glenn and
ready to play to a packed house!

Thursday, May 13th, 2010, Featured The Music Of
Bruce Foster, Steve Mosley & Jeff Guenther...
A Special Reunion Show...
Bruce, Steve & Jeff were a part of
"The Next," one of the Trenton Area's
Hard working and hard rocking bands!***

Jeff Returned to The Record Collector
Sat., Sept 11th,2010, with the Vince Martell Band!
Sunday, December 12th, 2010, Jeff joined
The Lon Van Eaton Show!

Best wishes for the new location of
Hot Rod's Real Pit BBQ!

Jeff, Annmarie and Pete performed as part of
Ernie White's Annual Christmas Show,
Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008. Look for video clips!

Here's a fan's picture from our July 6th 2008 Outdoor show at Island Park!
Thanks, Rolling Thunder; you were a great audience!
We will miss you, Frank!

This is a picture that "Tiger" Bill found...
Jeff, Bill & Kurt Gebauer, Junior High rock group "Something Different."

Private parties are lining up; be sure to book yours!

Roger LePage is back gigging with us too!

  Jeff, Annmarie, Joe Van Winkle, Jack O'Donnell and "Tiger" Bill Meligari
had a great time performing for the annual Royal Jam Music Charity Show
at McCoole's Art Place. Thanks to Mike Stanley and everyone who participated in this great event!

 Everybody sing along!!!


  Jeff, Annmarie, Pete and Russ had a blast performing at my niece's bar,
Mineral Springs Bar & Grill, Friday, September 1st, 2006! Jen and John had just opened up, so
we rocked our hearts out for them! Located on Rt. 611, four miles North of Rt. 22 in Easton, Pa.
Show times are 9 PM....

   Retrofitz returned once again to rock the crowd at the Madison Community Pool Moonlight Swim!
This year's date was Saturday, August didn't rain!!!
Thanks again, Dawn...this was our seventh straight year! Thanks to all who attended!

  Here's a pic of "Joe Walsh" sitting in with the Flat Cats, closing out the 50 year celebration
of the Ivy Tavern, Sunday, September 17th, 2006. Left to right, Jeff, Mike McCoy and Brian Pelletteri.
There are lots more photos on the Ivy website.

  Saturday, April 28th, 2007, I got down to the Ivy Tavern & sat in with Slo Motion Band. Boy, what a great time!

From left, we have Freddie on the B3, myself & Gene on guitars. Next, we have Ted, the lead singer, who's always smiling!
I must say that Slo Motion is a band worth playing in!


  Here are two close friends...Jeff Guenther and Pete Bremy,
Celebrating 50 (yes, fifty!) years of friendship as of August, 2005.
Jeff and Pete are doing that Retrofitz thing.
Jeff is sure enjoying Pete's singing and his brand new custom made Michael Tobias Design bass!
This is one of many great photos my sister Gail took. Pete, don't forget to sneak "Day Tripper" in there!

  I grabbed the above, a truly lovely shot, early 80's,
playing bass and guitar with Bobby Lenti's Blue Eyes


  I joined Ernie White for the 2004 Christmas Extraviganza at the Coduit, Trenton, New Jersey.
The date was Wednesday, December 22nd. Over $8,000 was raised!
Here is a shot of two of my favorite blues guitarists, Joe Zook and Paul Plumeri, tearing it up.
Ernie's son, Mike, is on drums and Joe's bassist, Billy Holt, is right behind Paul.
The following picture is from the Trentonian. Glen Burtnick is behind Ernie
We're playing Taking Care of Business, announcing Santa. I'm second from the right, Ernie's second from the left.
***The 2005 show raised close to $10,000.00!***

   Many of you have asked this question..."What guitars do you play?" I play Gibson, Fender and Ibanez guitars and, when I get a chance, MV Pedulla Buzz Fretless Bass. Billy at Dave's Sound reved up Jeff's Jackson Soloist...boy, does it rock now!    

   Here is a bit of my studio roster, clients / projects I have worked on...
Fox Recording, Joe's Sound, Hickory Street Studios, Mix-o-lydian Studios, Jamman Productions,
Morris County Community College (Todd Collins), Direct to Tape...Frank Stallone, Steve Mosley,
Ernie White, Juba, Scott Hallock, Ginny Johnston / Mosaic, Gibraltar Transmissions, Billy Killoran,
Wind, Shivers, Andi Rosell, Gerry Rodell...and many, many more!

    Here is a pic that proves I graduated from Berklee with Tony Bennett!

  Here's a trivia question...what was Heaven's Sundae's other name? This was just before our first breakup in the early 70's. Two things Mr. Bremy brought up...our first name was "The End"...then, towards the end of the group, we called ourselves "Doctor Frog"...where do those kids get these band names?

  If anyone has any pictures from any of my bands, ie. Heaven's Sundae, Wind, Blue Eyes, Shivers, Hayden Brothers, etc., please let me know, so we can have them scanned for the site. Thanks!

   Let's all go for our dreams...the world will be much better off for it!